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Pondmaster ProLine Hy-Drive 2100 GPH Pond Waterfall Pump / 02665

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The Pondmaster 02665 ProLine HY-Drive Pond Pump is a continuous duty pump that is designed to move large volumes of water silently and efficiently through filtration systems or to a waterfall, stream or fountain. It features an asynchronous Vortical Impeller, a convenient carry handle, and can be operated inline or submersed. Note that when used inline it should be placed below the water level since it is not self-priming. Never run this pump dry. The rotor assembly of the Pondmaster 02665 is removable for simple cleaning maintenance. The unique design reduces the frequency of pump cleaning while maintaining optimum water flow. Overload protection is built in by means of a self resetting thermal overload switch. We are an Authorized Pondmaster Dealer! Brand New Pondmaster 02665 ProLine Hy-Drive Pond Pump – Can be used submersed or in-line Can be operated standing upright or laying flat Powerful, Efficient Hybrid Magnetic Induction Motor Asynchronous Vortical Impeller Whisper-Quiet Continuous Duty Operation Fish Safe Because No Oil is Used Convenient Carry Handle Inline and Submersible Operation Includes Extra-Large Clog-Resistant Filter Screen Threaded Female Couplings and Fittings Included Extra Long 20′ Power Cord with Grounded Plug Specifications: Max. Flow Rate: 2100 GPH Max. Pumping Height: 22.5 Feet Current: 1.5 A/190 Watts Cord Length: 20′ Dimensions (L x W x H): 6½ x 6-inch x 12½-inch Weight: 10 lbs. Part Number: 02665 Product Condition: Brand New 4-year Warranty

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