Ameristep Hang-On Treestand with Realtree Seat Cushion & Backpack Straps, includes Safety DVD


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The Ameristep Hang-On Treestand has a Realtree AP seat cushion for comfort while you sit for long hours. It includes black backpack straps to allow you to carry the stand in and out of hunting areas easily. The lock-on tree stand is secured to the timber with a heavy-duty nylon strap to provide stability and security. The cam-locking tree brace ensures a snug fit to the tree. A foot platform gives your feet a place to rest while allowing you to shift positions easily while in the tree. This Ameristep tree stand comes with a full-body safety harness to prevent accidents and provide extra security while off the ground. A Linemen’s belt and safety DVD are included to provide proper instruction on use and installation. This Ameristep Hang-On Treestand features a weight capacity for 300 lbs, so most people can use it safely.

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