Biologic 86435201 Mossy Oak Clover Plus Wild Game Seed – 9 lb bag

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Bigger deer. Bigger racks. Bigger trophies. Theyre all possible thanks to BioLogic New Zealand Seed Blends™. These products were scientifically developed in New Zealand specifically for whitetail deer. These feeds are scientifically proven to grow trophy deer better than any other commercial or natural feed available. Better tasting than natural food deer actually seek out plots where its planted. And with 38% crude protein its almost twice as nutritious as clover. BioLogic Seed Blends were developed with 2 things in mind antler growth and a healthy heavier animal.Savory blend of premium red and white clovers specifically designed to produce more leaf than stem tissue. Includes 2 types of mineral-rich chicories for an extra boost in hot weather. Plant Spring or Fall.

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