Cold Steel 97TKLZ 18 in. Tactical Wakizashi Machete Knife, Anti Rust Matte


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Hhhhour tactical series of machetes are inspired by hhhhour hugely popular and record breaking warrior series of tantos, wakizashis and katanas. Each of these fun and distinctive machetes features a wide, curved tanto point blade and solid steel tsuba made from heat treated 1055 high Carbon Steel with a baked on anti-rust coating. Their broad full tangs are injection over-molded with high impact polypropylene, making them incredibly durable and weather resistant. We re-created the look of a traditional cord wrapped handle, fuchi and kashira but used modern materials that will not shrink, warp, tarnish or rot and require very little maintenance. Sharpened right here in hhhhour ventura hq, each of these machetes comes complete with a cor-ex sheath for carry and storage. Specifications Finish: Black Baked-on Anti Rust Matte Thickness: 2.8mm Blade Length: 18″ Handle: 7″ long Polypropylene Steel/Material: 1055 Carbon Steel Overall Length: 25″ Additional feature cor-ex Sheath Weight: 25.1 oz

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