Buck Gardner Canada Hammer Poly Goose Call Combo- Camo Green


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Perfect for the novice hunter, this kit includes a Buck Gardner Canada Hammer Goose Call, a Straight Talk instructional CD, a Digital Pocket-sized Calling Coach and the Fowlplay Series Duck hunting DVD. This short-reed Canada goose call is still the easiest operating goose call ever made. Contains a shaved reed for fast pick-up and is hand-tuned to ensure performance that far exceeds the price. The Quick-Tune guts and reed system make cleaning, re-tuning, and re-assembly simple. The double O-ring insert forms an airtight seal with the barrel to enhance sound quality. The handy electronic calling coach unit aids you by audibly playing back the four most popular and effective calling sounds. Easily learn the cadence and length of notes to practice. Learn how to make different sounds: murmur, honks, clucks and moans along with changing pitches, tones, and notes, with the instructional cd. This is the ultimate CD for the serious goose hunter. Jump in the truck with World Champion and

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