Rocky Broadhead WP Jacket (M) – XTRA

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The majority of this highly advanced BroadHead men’s jacket has been crafted out of polyester; it’s lightweight, outstandingly comfortable to wear, phenomenally quiet and has been covered in unbelievably realistic-looking Realtree Xtra camouflage to conceal your presence outdoors. VaporFlex has been strategically positioned on the jacket’s elbows and back; this fabric stretches wonderfully (great freedom of movement when you are drawing back the bow), is breathable and offers you waterproof protection. When you take advantage of the three-zipper adjustments, you are truly able to reduce the bulkiness and have a much more streamlined jacket, which will allow you to hunt much more efficiently. During the warmer months of the year, you are able to zip of the sleeves and transform this camo jacket into a hunting vest. Although when you are wearing the full jacket, don’t worry about perspiration, because Rocky’s exclusive scent control will prevent you from emitting a scent outdoors.

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