Moultrie 5-Gallon Hanging Deer Feeder With Adjustable Timer

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If you live to hunt and hunt to live, then you need this Moultrie 5-Gallon Hanging Deer Feeder With Adjustable Timer to help you catch your game. It includes everything you need to facilitate feeding with no assembly required. Simply hang the feeder in your hunting area and it’s ready for you to use and deer will be ready to munch. This Moultrie feeder is a 5-gallon, tapered bucket and a metal spin plate. It features a digital timer that allows you to dispense food up for varying lengths of time and amount of food up to 4 times a day. Add some feed and watch ’em come out of the woodwork after you hang this Moultrie Hanging Deer Feeder. Hang the 5-Gallon Moultrie Deer Feeder and watch the deer gather around No assembly 5-gallon plastic, tapered bucket Digital timer programs up to 4 different feed times a day Metal spin plate Adjustable feed times (1-20 seconds) Test button for easy setup Capability to attach solar panel (not included; only compatible with rechargeable batteries) New efficiencies and battery design doubles run time, providing 4 months field life Includes 4 Moultrie AA alkaline batteries Dimensions: 7.2 x 13.2 x 12.5 inches Weight: 6 pounds Product warranty: 2-year warranty

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