Summit Surround Seat w/ Realtree Cushion Fits Viper/Goliath/Titan/Razor – 85148 (2 Pack)

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Built from the Viper tree stand seat design, these 2 Summit Surround Seats each offer maximum comfort in a treestand chair. Padded sides give you the back support you need so you’ll be less likely to fidget. The Surround Seat features three built in pockets so you can keep hunting gear close by. Quick release buckles allow you take the treestand chair on and off with ease. The Summit Surround Seat is truly a worthwhile investment. You’ll stay comfortable for hours in the Surround Seat and not have to worry about being stiff the next day. This innovative treestand chair works with virtually any climbing treestand, and can be used to enhance most ladder stands. All of our tree stand accessories are engineered with the same construction and design that make Summit hunting products a favorite of hunters. Provides Maximum Comfort Padded Sides Provide Necessary Back Support Features 3 Built In Pockets so you can keep gear close by Quick Release Buckles allow you to take on and off with ease Fits virtually every Summit Climber, as well as many other brands Mossy Oak Camo Design Specifications: Seat Base: 18-inch wide by 12-inch long Seat Backrest: 12-inch wide by 20-inch long Product Condition: Brand New Part Number: 85250 SEAT Quantity: 2 Manufacturer warranty: 5-year warranty

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