Rivers Edge Relax Wide 1-Man Hunting Tree Stand Seat (2 Pack)

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When you’re out in the field, you want a bird’s eye view. But learning how to fly a plane can be tough, and finding a dragon to fly on can be even tougher. That’s where the Rivers Edge Relax Wide 1-Man Hunting Tree Stand Seat comes in to help. You’ll be able to see all the action from high up, and in the comfort of a padded lounger seat. The extra-wide design allows you to stretch out and relax as you wait for deer and other critters to run by. Plus, it’s super-silent so you know they won’t even suspect that you’re there. Get a tree-high view with all the comfort of a lawn chair with the Rivers Edge hunting stand. Helps you sit in comfort all day long Lightweight and easy to set up Makes extra-long hunts far more comfortable Extra-wide design gives you more room to sit and stretch out Lounger style allows you to stretch out your legs Features a padded shooting rail A silent seat for a quiet, reflective hunt Comes with a full body harness Capacity: 300 pounds Color: Black Dimensions: Height to shooting rail: 16.8 feet Height to seat: 15.2 feet Height to platform: 13.8 feet Seat dimensions: 23 x 14.5 inches Platform size: 23.5 x 12 inches Seat height: 18 inches Ladder stance: 17 inches Step distance: 14.7 inches Tree diameter: 12 to 20 inches Weight: 54 pounds Warranty: 1-year warranty Quantity: 2

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