My Door Decor 285905NATR-003 7 x 16 ft. Camo 1 Nature Door Mural Sign Car Garage Banner Decor, Multi Color


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Nature Outdoors Garage Door Banner Mural Sign Decor 7’x 16′ Car Garage The Original Holiday Garage Door Banner Decor by My Door Decor, makers of MYDOOR Decor. Proprietary components for easy assembly, allowing door to open and close without hurting the integrity of the door. Huge selection of holiday themes at MYDOOR Decor. Garage Door Decor is manufactured to fit rollup paneled garage doors, as well as canopy garage doors. We have developed a system that makes installation quick and easy. This system requires no tape or screws, which could potentially damage your garage door. Instead, our hardware consists of a hook attachment that goes over the top of the garage door and a tension hook at the bottom. The top hook attachment protects your mural from theft by keeping it securely held behind the frame of the garage door. The tension hook keeps the mural taut when the garage door is closed and protects it from wind damage by flexing with the mural. Each garage door banner is ready to hang with minimal assembly. Two people installing a single mural should take about ten minutes. Every banner, whether it’s for your front door or garage door, comes with assembly hardware so it can be installed right out of the box. The Garage Door Decor makes it appear to people passing by that the garage door is open and you have a fun design on your garage. My Door Decor created and manufactures the Garage Door Decor and there is nothing else that compares to the Garage Door Decor in Quality, Designs and Pricing. All Garage Door Decors are made of the highest quality materials and construction for many, many years of enjoyment. It is truly an incredible and fun Decoration. Our quality of materials, print and ease of installation cant be matched. Features Fits a 7 x16 ft. Standard Garage Door Quick and Easy Assembly The Original Holiday Garage Door Banner Decor Specifications Color: Multi Color Pattern: Camo 1 Size: 7 x 16 ft. Weight: 13 lbs

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