Bulldog Targets Doghouse Fp Archery Target PLUS


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New Bulldog Doghouse Fp Archery Target PLUSOur new PLUS Series features a revolutionary new internal system that provides two things:Ridiculously easy arrow removal (seriously a 9 month old could pull your arrows), and drastically improved stopping power! And of course the lifetime warranty still applies! The first archery target in the world with a lifetime warranty! That’s right… Lifetime!! It will be the last target you ever buy.The Doghouse FP (field point) is the original bulldog target that has made us what it is today. It is tough enough to stop any bow made. Whether you are shooting a bow at 80lbs or 350fps or a youth bow at 10 or 15lbs, the Doghouse FP will stop the arrow dead in its tracks. Arrow removal is a breeze.The Doghouse FP archery target is self-standing extremely light. All targets also include and ez-grip carrying handle as well. To find out why this target made us famous, get one for yourself and see what all the hype is about!FeatureDesigned to stop any style of bow. Recurve, Compound, even crossbows! Field points only. Easy 2 finger arrow removal. Portable, lightweight and self-standing (not like those other “bag” targets) so you can shoot it anywhere! Shootable on both sides Comes with the Bulldog Lifetime Warranty!

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