TenPoint Evo-X CenterPunch Carbon Crossbow Bolt


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The TenPoint Evo-X CenterPunch Carbon Crossbow Bolt is the most accurate crossbow arrow on the market, inspected for straightness to within .001 and weight-grain matched to within 1-grain per arrow. Constructed with modulus carbon-fiber at 33 MSI and wrapped in a Lazer-Tech carbon weave with fletched with slightly offset 3.5″ Bohning X vanes. CenterPunch bolts include an 84-grain insert and a SuperBrite Omni-Nock and receiver for quick install. Specifications: Straightness: .001″ Grain weigh tolerance: +/- 1-grain per pack Weight: 445 grains (includes 100-grain field tip) F.O.C.: 17% Inside diameter: .297 Outside diameter: .348MPN: HEA-730.6

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