Morrell 136RC YJ-450 Replacement Cover Plus Target

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Hone your archery skill during the off season with the Yellow Jacket YJ-450 PLUS Field Point Archery Target. Built to stand up to tons of shooting season after season the YJ-450 target will stop arrows shot from compound bows recurve bows crossbows and airbows that shoot up to 450 fps. Designed for field point use only the YJ-450 features the patented Nucleus center and internal frame for lasting durability.
FeaturesYellow Jacket YJ-450 Plus Field Point Target
YJ-450 PLUS Field Point Archery Target
Nucleus center & Internal Frame system for season lasting durability
94 layers of arrow stopping power stops arrows shooting at speeds up to 450 fps
Shootable on all 4 sides for extended use with Dart Board & 9 Ball game vitals targets
Compatible with crossbows compound bows and recurve bows
SpecificationsWeight: 1 lbs

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