If You Love Breakfast, Try This Awesome Venison Sausage Pie

If you’re like me, breakfast isn’t just something to eat in the morning. Right? Bacon, eggs, venison sausage, hot biscuits with honey or sorghum or jam, grits with butter and maybe cheddar cheese, fresh fruit with yogurt, maybe some fried taters with onions … doggone, that sounds good.

If You Love Breakfast, Try This Awesome Venison Sausage Pie

Venison Shepherd’s Pie is a different version of the Venison Sausage Pie (below), but both are fantastic and incredibly easy to make for hungry family or friends.

I love breakfast. All that above is super. I also love lox and bagels. Over in Europe when I’ve visited, their breakfast often is hard boiled eggs, English muffins, sliced meats ” usually ham ” and sausage, jam, cereal and yogurt with raisins or other stuff to add. I enjoy it, too.

But I’m not just a “breakfast in the morning” guy. Fire up the skillet for eggs and sausage in the evening for supper? Darn tootin’ we can do that. When we get through frog giggin’in summer or coon hunting in winter, we usually stop at Waffle House or another 24/7 diner to refuel.

There are times in deer camp (or at home!) when you may not have time for a full-blown breakfast. Or you may have a hankering for a good breakfast meal at night after hunting, but want to have it ready quickly.

Well, here’s a great dish from Mossy Oak’s Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland you can have ready in short order. It doesn’t take much time to prepare or cook, and your family or hunting buds will love it. My wife makes a version of this for our holiday breakfasts and it’s fantastic. (I tore Strickland’s recipe out of a magazine or book a long time ago and, unfortunately, I honestly don’t remember where I got it. If anyone has a clue, email me at bigbucks@fwcommunity.com.)

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Venison Sausage Pie 1 pound venison or wild pork sausage 4 cans crescent rolls 12 eggs 1 pound cheddar cheese, grated

Coat the bottom and sides of a baking pan with cooking spray or butter. Using two cans of crescent roll dough, layer the bottom of the dish. Scramble eggs and set aside. Cook sausage until brown, then drain. Put the eggs on the crescent roll layer in the pan, then cover with half of the cheese. Add a layer of the cooked sausage, then another layer of cheese. Top with the other two cans of crescent roll dough. Sprinkle a little cheese on top and bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes or until the top is slightly brown.

Cuz says one pan will feed about five hunters but he usually makes two pans. This is pretty smart for deer camp with a group of growling stomach hunters, or if you have a house of hungry kiddos.


Source: Deer & Deer Hunting | Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips


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