Paul Lewis of FHF Gear

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by FHF and Backcountry Fuel. Which is funny because that who’s on the podcast. Today I sit down with Paul Lewis the founder and owner of FHF Gear. I had pretty much force Paul to come on the podcast because he is almost humble to a fault. I have a ton of respect for Paul who has built an amazing company pretty much entirely on the side while also being a full time LEO.

In this podcast Paul shares some of the highs and lows of building FHF out of his garage. We talk about career moves and knowing when to take opportunities vs when to stick with whats working. Paul also shares some hunting stories and in fact this podcast kicks off with a story Paul was telling before we were recording but I just had to hit record mid story because it was too good to miss.

Show Notes: 
Intro – Paul Lewis – 0:04:04
How Paul’s Hunting Evolved – 0:21:49
Starting FHF – 0:27:25
Work Life Balance & Design Process – 0:38:23
Advice – 0:45:51
Risk Assessment – 0:50:37
US Production – 0:57:38
Looking Back – 1:04:03
Closing Thoughts – 1:10:15
FHF Gear Info & Deals – 1:13:21

I’ve said this before, but now you get to hear it first hand. FHF Gear is an awesome company and I really enjoy everyone who is a part of it. FHF makes the best chest harness I have ever used and I love its modular design. Go support a great company and a great team, and get yourself a new FHF harness. Use Code TRO to save 10% off your order. Thats WWW.FHFGEAR.COM

This podcast is also brought to you by Backcountry Fuel. The Subscription box that you will are going actually use every month. Funny story, Paul and told me he thought it was funny that I say on the podcast ads, “stock up and save for hunting season” because his boxes go straight into his truck and never make it more than a week.

Whether you just want a secret truck stash of tasty snacks or you actually want to stock up your food supply for hunting season, go sign up for Backcountry Fuel Box. If you aren’t satisfied with your first box I will give you a 100% refund.

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