MM – Duke Wasteney Talks Scouting and Big October Bucks

On this Muley Monday, Duke Wasteney joins host Jaden Bales to talk about big bucks and how Duke has found them over the years. Jaden and Duke originally met in the backcountry when Duke was scouting for an elk tag for his dad – in the middle of archery season nonetheless! Duke spends more time outdoors and scouting than most die-hard hunters and gave excellent information on how he scouts to find big deer, as well as a handful of stories on how he’s killed them these past few years.

Enjoy this episode to get you daydreaming about summer scouting and looking for bucks in October.

Show Notes: 
Intro – About Duke & His Background – 0m 36s
Duke’s Self Evaluation & Progress – 10m 31s
Off-Season Approach & Preparation – 14m 54s
Buck Terrain & Scouting Tactics – 26m 9s
A True Success Story? – 32m 7s
Duke’s Boom Sticks – 42m 26s
Ammunition & Performance – 49m 3s
Duke’s Epic Tale – 52m 24s
Closing Thoughts – 60m 55s

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