How to Target Bigger Bulls with Matthew Weaver

Welcome to another episode of Wapiti Wednesday. On this weeks podcast, Matthew Weaver joins me to ask all kinds of questions about specifically targeting bigger bulls. Matthew has been working with me for almost a year now and after picking my brain off the podcast we decided to have him on to work through his learning curve. Last year Mathew’s hard work paid off and he killed a respectable bull with his bow. Though it was a bit of a sh!t show, I was pumped he stuck with it and got the bull killed. I was also pumped we didn’t get eating by grizzlies getting it out either. That story at the end of the podcast. While scouting last year Matthew turned up a really big bull. Throughout season that bull was nowhere to be found and many of  Matthews frustrations surround how to find a bull like that during season. I do my best to answer how I would approach this scenario and situations like this but turning a bull up in summer and killing him in fall is tricky business.

In this podcast we cover those tips as well as overall ways to approach elk hunting that will yield opportunities and bigger bulls. In my opinion, killing big bulls is as much about what you don’t do as what you do.

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Show Notes: 
Intro – About Mathew Weaver – 0m 34s
Finding Bigger Older Bulls – 2m 40s
Choosing Area Based on Findings – 12m 45s
What to Look for Scouting & In-Field – 21m 25s
Open Areas & Small Pockets – 43m 7s
Getting a Tough Response – 49m 8s
Mathew’s 2019 Bull – 52m 37s

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