EP 451: Archery Muleys with the Dialed in Hunter

Welcome to another episode of Muley Monday! In this episode, Jaden sits down with Josh Kirchner, otherwise known as the Dialed in Hunter, as they talk about Josh’s foray into high country mule deer hunting with a bow. Josh has often hunted muleys in his home state of Arizona, but his hunts there takes place in the rut. In the 2019 season, Josh hunted both Utah and Colorado’s high country with a bow. The guys cover how Josh chose his spots, the trials and tribulations of getting a shot, and how Josh went full struggle-bus in Utah. After returning home and diagnosing multiple issues with his bow and his shooting, Josh returned to the high country and wound up finding success in Colorado. It’s a great podcast discussing everything from archery gear to mindset while spot and stalk archery hunting mule deer. We hope you enjoy!

Show Notes: 
Intro – About Josh Kirchner – 1m 7s
Josh’s 2019 Archery Deer Season – 11m 5s
More Arizona Bear Talk – 31m 51s
Back to Colorado Hunt – 35m 0s
Epic Colorado Backcountry Hunt – 42m 49s
Post-Story Questions – 62m 50s
Talking the 2020 Season – 72m 57s
Josh’s Book “Becoming a Backpack Hunter”- 75m 26s

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