EP 450: Terry Houin – Retired Navy Seal and Devoted Outdoorsman

This weeks podcast I got the pleasure to sit down with Terry Houin a retired Navy Seal and all around solid gentleman. I love that Terry is so humble but we did get some great stories out of him like his journey to becoming a Navy Seal despite not really knowing what the Seals even were. Terry shares his journey of becoming an elk hunter and the ups and downs of being a Seal and an outdoorsman. Terry is now helping Redcon1 build their outdoors program.

Show Notes:
Intro – About Terry Houin – 0h 3m 0s
Career Highs & Lows – 0h 9m 34s
How Hunting is Terry’s Escape – 0h 13m 42s
Redcon Outdoors – 0h 20m 1s
Quality Nutrients on the Mountain – 0h 28m 27s
Upcoming Hunts, Gear, & Archery Focus – 0h 32m 12s
Terry’s Archery Intro Advice for Vets – 0h 44m 12s
Dream Hunts & Career Adventures – 0h 46m 33s
Self Accountability & Independence – 0h 54m 34s
Improving in 2020 – 1h 2m 16s
Redcon Giveaways & Social Media – 1h 5m 32s

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