EP 448: E-Souting with Mark Livesay

Lady’s and gents, the master is back. This time he has a big announcement as well. Mark Livesay is thee most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to planning and mapping out a hunt from a computer. Mark has year and years of experience and has a system that is dialed. Our first two podcast are some of the most downloaded episodes we have done and now Mark comes on to answer  many of the questions you guys had after those podcasts.

Marks 1st podcast – EP 240

Marks 2nd Podcast – EP 370

Mark has also finally put together an e-scouting course that will BLOW YOUR MIND. If you think what could Mark possibly add that hasn’t been on the 3+ hours of podcast? This course is 30+ hours and Mark has done a great job laying the information out in a very organized manner. Whether you you are still trying to figure out how to use google earth or you have been doing this for year, I guarantee there is valuable information.

The Best E-Scouting Course Ever Made 

Show Notes: 
Intro – Mark Livesay Overview – 0:03:05
Really Digging In – 0:09:55
Goal & Focus of Mark’s Course – 0:17:21
Benefits of Mastering E-Scouting – 0:22:04
Concepts for “Finding Elk”- 0:37:30
Rifle Hunting Specifics – 0:45:10
Time Spent – 0:59:25
Patreon Questions & Map Tips – 1:11:26
Mark’s Course: Where & When – 1:21:18

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