Backcountry Spring Bear with Ryan Lampers

This week my man Ryan Lampers joins me to talk backcountry bear hunting. Ryan doesn’t do anything not as hardcore as he can and bear hunting is definitely no exception. We dive into Ryans recent trip to Idaho and discuss a lot of the things they learned throughout their 12 day trip. Ryan has spent time hunting bears as early as April all of the way into June. We talk about the different behaviors of the bears he has seen across those dates and what he prefers. We also talk terrain and how rugged remote bear hunting differs from the bear hunting advise you generally hear.

If you want some motivation for spring bear I highly recommend you check out Ryan’s recent hunt with Brian Call on Brian’s YouTube Channel.

Show Notes: 
Intro – Weekend Game Plan – 0:03:27
Bear Terrain, Variations, & State Differences – 0:09:08
When To Go & Ideal Weather – 0:18:12
Where to Focus – Basins, Slopes, & Drainages – 0:27:03
Season Primes & Behavior Changes – 0:35:34
Finding Big, Old, Reclusive Bears – 0:42:29
Ryan & Brian’s New Films & Hunting Summit – 0:56:29

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