Elk Hunting

6 Toughest Big-Game Archery Adventures

6 Toughest Big-Game Archery AdventuresIn my July 2016 column, I touched on some challenging hunts, and since then I’ve had quite a few people ask me for more details on the subject. So here are a few of my top picks for extremely difficult hunts, and what made them such a challenge for me. Coues Deer Out of the five species of deer recognized by Pope and Young, I have to give the award for “most difficult” to .

The Expert’s Guide to Stalking Elk

The Expert's Guide to Stalking ElkForget Calling: The Strategy Behind Stalking Elk For the better part of 20 years my bowhunting life revolved around trying to coax public land bull elk into bow range. Calling elk is something I dearly love and my hunting partners and I have had many encounters and a good amount of successful hunts using this method. However, it seems it’s getting considerably harder to trick a bull into coming close enough for a shot .

Bowhunting Elk During Gun Season

Bowhunting Elk During Gun Season
In many states bowhunting elk during designated rifle seasons is legal.                    But is it worth the effort?  Bowhunting during rifle seasons is fairly common in many Western states, such as Idaho and Montana, for instance. In most states, though, hunters are required to pick a season and stick with it, though choosing a rifle-specific hunt opens the option of hunting with any legal weapon, including bows, as game managers seldom care if you wish .