Deer Hunting

Video: Understanding Deer Anatomy Helps You Make Better Shots

Everyone take your seat; class is now in session. Today’s lesson: Deer Anatomy. Understanding deer anatomy is a huge advantage to hunters because it can help you make better shots. In this informative video, Brian Johnson from Masterpiece Archery Targets walks us through the entire anatomy of a whitetail deer. It’s very important that we know the anatomy of the animals we chase. Having this knowledge will help us make quick and clean kills. There’s .

How to Skin a Deer with a Golf Ball

Opinions are like elbows. Most everybody has got a couple of them.  And when it comes to the best way to skin a deer, the opinions on the best method are seemingly endless. But for those who don’t like to spend a lot of time with the skinning process, we offer a look at how to skin a deer with a golf ball. Have you tried it? It just might be a game changer .

6 Scent Setups You Need to Know

Using lures and scents to attract whitetail bucks into archery range is nothing new; hunters have been doing it for ages. But not everyone nabs the results they’re after. In fact, some hunters walk away with poor experiences involving spooked deer or no response at all. So, they stop using scents altogether. Many of these poor experiences can be attributed to oversights or a general lack of education. While scents can be successfully used dozens .

7 Times You Must Be on Stand During the Rut

7 Times You Must Be on Stand During the Rut7 Times You Must Be on Stand During the Rut Deer hunting is complex. There’s nothing easy about it. It’s hard to kill a deer — especially mature ones. Old bucks and does alike are completely different creatures than their younger counterparts. That’s why it takes serious preparation and well-thought-out plans to succeed in filling tags. Throughout the years, I’ve noticed there are certain factors that seem to increase the amount of daylight deer .

Make The Most Of Bowhunting The Rut With Mock Scrapes

After the first few weeks of bow season, a buck’s predictability factor typically diminishes. Changing food sources coupled with sudden hunting pressure and newly disbanded bachelor groups can often make bucks reclusive and tough to pattern. As daylight wanes and temperatures begin to drop, however, hunters are encouraged by the reassuring notion that the best days are yet to come — when doe populations approach their first estrous cycles sending bucks’ testosterone levels through .