How to Skin a Deer with a Golf Ball

skin a deer

Opinions are like elbows. Most everybody has got a couple of them.  And when it comes to the best way to skin a deer, the opinions on the best method are seemingly endless. But for those who don’t like to spend a lot of time with the skinning process, we offer a look at how to skin a deer with a golf ball.

Have you tried it? It just might be a game changer in your butchering process.

That’s right! With nothing more than a golf ball tucked and tied into the deer’s cape, and a little tug from a vehicle, you can quickly and cleanly skin a deer in seconds. Watch this video for a closer look at the process of how to skin a deer with a golf ball.

How about you? What’s your method of choice for skinning deer? Comment below, and let us know.




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