Bikini Babe wasn’t Expecting to Catch Something THIS Big

Summer is the perfect time to crack the beers open and go fishing with the lads.

But this stunning fisher girl shows off enough skill to make you want to put your tackle away and hang your head in shame. In cheeky footage the huntress jets through the Florida Keys alone on a riverboat wearing shades, a hot pink bikini top and tight jeans as the sun beats down.When she’s found a fish-filled area she stops the boat which is emblazoned with the phrase “Whatever It Takes” and strips off her jeans to get more comfortable.
And whatever it takes is apparently a gigantic compound bow.
Bikini babe catches some fish for dinner

RISING TO THE BAIT: The talented huntress pulls in a large catch for dinner

Running her fingers through her shiny hair as she scours the water for fish the babe looks part-model and part-cold blooded killer.Spotting some river critters she gets to work jerking her arm back and firing a series of arrows into the water.And after a couple of shots she’s caught something already winding in her wire and pulling in a three foot long whopper.And on her third attempt she catches another one four times the size of it.

Babe pulls back on her compound bow to fish

KAT-FISH EVERDEEN: Fishing bikini babe looks like Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence with bow

 Bikini babe chills on the boat with her bow

BOW-TIFUL: The skillful babe relaxes on the boat before hunting for fish


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