Common Archery Mistakes You Make and How to Rectify Them

The Top 3 Common Archery Mistakes and How to Rectify Them

If you are an enthusiastic archer, and have a passion for shooting the target every time, then experts will tell you that it is necessary to perfect your technique with practice. Have you often wondered why is it that even with regular practice, you fail to hit the mark? Ever wondered what mistakes you could possibly be making?

Amateur archers and beginners, often start off the game of bowhunting armed with all the finery and essentials of archery, but fail to master the basics that make all the difference. While the right bowhunting equipment surely affects your archery techniques, but it is the small archery mistakes you make that cost you a chance to bag the prize.

Most of the time, you don’t even know you are making those mistakes, and that is why it becomes a habit for you. What you need to do is to know what mistakes you are making and how you can correct them. Here are some of them:


Having an Inconsistent Stance

Observe your technique. Do you shift your feet while aiming to shoot and have a varying stance even from one shot to the other? That means that you have an inconsistent stance. Your feet placement during a shot serves as the actual foundation of your hit. What you need is to have a stable and consistent stance and footing from every arrow you release.

You can correct this mistake by using tape to mark out the lines, so you can ensure the alignment of your toe and foot, and make sure that it is stable and identical for every shot.

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Rotation of Your Elbow

One of the most important skills of archery is the correct rotation technique of your elbow. For that, you need to keep the elbow of your bow arm rotated in a straight up position, and then gradually bring it downward when drawing the bow to release the arrow.

If the elbow of your bow arm does not rotate in a straight line, you can experience many problems like the arrows veering off to just one side of the main target, and bruising on your inner elbow area. What you need to do is make sure that your elbow is straight as you raise and draw in your bow.

Positioning Fingers on the Bowstring

Many archers don’t look as to where they are actually placing their fingers on the bowstring when they draw the bow. It is a common archery mistake to draw the bow without taking care of where you are placing your fingers. If you exert too much finger tension, or hook the bow, or place fingers in the wrong position, then you will face issues like completely missing your target and developing painful blisters on your fingers.

The way to avoid such mistakes in the future is to place the fingers on the bow, as you have been instructed, and ideally, trying to adjust the position of your hand in relation to the bowstring in a consistent manner.

By correcting your mistakes you can be sure of perfecting your bowhunting techniques, and becoming a pro in the hobby of your choice. Remember, the correct bowhunting equipment with the technical talent is all that is needed to help you become a trained at bowhunting.

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