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Sahn Outdoors – Trapping, Sheds, and Antler Restoration w/ McKay Sorenson

Known on Instagram as @utahtrapper_mckay, McKay Sorensen is no stranger to antlers. He’s owns his own business, Trapperman Wildlife Studio, restoring antlers and making replicas. Take one look at his instagram page, and you’ll see that he’s no amateur when it comes to his trade! He’s even started making his own replica skulls! People from […]

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Deer Hunt Big Buck Registry fueled by 275 Gordon Whittington

There have been far more 300″ non-typical bucks killed since the early 2000s than ever documented before the year 2000.  So what gives?  Gordon Whittington, the Editor in Chief of North American Whitetail joins us for a second time to explore just that.  Is it genetics, is it food, what can history tell us from […]

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