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Giant Mule Deer Bucks-Clay Bundy recaps 2018 AZ 13A/B Arizona Strip hunts

November 25, 2018 Listen as Jay Scott and Clay Bundy discuss the success of 2018 mule deer hunting on the Arizona Strip in Units 13A and 13B. More Info on Clay Bundy Sponsors of the JSO Podcast Cody Nelson “Glassing Guru and Optics Authority” Optics Manager at Gear Shop-Call Cody directly for info and sales […]

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Deer Hunt Big Buck Registry fueled by 265 The Arrow and the Broadhead – David Hand – Slash Arrows

Nov 25, 2018 Over the past 4 episodes of our Hunt Tech mini-series we’ve explored a deer movement prediction app with the Drury’s and their new app called Deercast,  the on-demand action camera with Aaron Stonehocker from Tactacam, a game camera picture data processing system with Jon Livingston from DeerLab, and mapping and waypoint technology […]

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PC 203 – Changing Over

November 21, 2018 PC 203 talks about changing over your gear from hunting to target archery. Not everyone has two bow set ups and this covers what I would recommend. I also talk about the importance of the 3 styles of release types, Triggers, Tension, Hinge and what each one does for the archer. I […]

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PC 202 – What makes camouflage work

November 20, 2018 PC 202 focused on how to not be seen in the field. I’m lucky enough to talk to Lieutenant Colonel Tim O’Neill, Ph.D.Named the Father of Digital Camouflage after using pixilation to create macro and micro patterns (the first “digital” camo), Tim O’Neill earned a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and is […]

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