Monthly Archives: January 2017

Nock On PC 99

PC-99 Is with Olympic Gold Medalist Brendan Hansen who has swam some of the most historic races in the past 3 Olympics with Michael Phelps. We dive into lots of peak performance subjects and mental aspects of sports competition that relate back to archery. We talk through many aspects of achieveing your best as an athlete […]

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Hunt Talk Radio: EP 049: Arizona

Randy is joined by friends (and Arizona Game and Fish employees), Wade Zarlingo and Jonathan O’Dell, from his January archery Coues deer camp in southern Arizona, also known as a “Sonoran Smorgasboard.”  Topics discussed are plethora of hunting opportunity in Arizona, spot and stalk Coues deer as joyful insanity, javelina distraction, Arizona drawing system and […]

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Nock On PC 98

PC 98 is an awesome podcast with World Champion Dave Stepp. We dive into so many subjects of archery I cant really remember then all. Some include stabilizing your bow, arrow flight, practicing correctly, tournament pressure, ridiculous archery shots, bow set ups, shooting form, as well as tell some unknown stories to the archery community! […]

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Nock On PC 97

PC97 is a post ATA show recap and also an informative podcast talking about important upcoming events. We also jump into why you miss right and left as well as high and low. We talk about shoulder position, tiller tuning and many other topics. Enjoy! Nock On

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