Monthly Archives: December 2016

Nock On PC 94

PC-94 is with RANDY ULMER. Archery legend and longtime friend. We have a crappy audio connection but speak archery genius and get into topics like, best arrows, best broadheads, strings, torque tune, sight length, eating clean, ride vs run, lighted nocks and shooting machines! Nock On

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Nock On PC 93

PC 93- Teaches on a ton of subjects ranging from training routines, cycling your training and work outs, the evolution vs the silverback, sub concious thoughts, preventing movement on the target, target panic, shooting like a pro, cam feel and how to tweak your cam feel, test shooting bows in a shop, entry level bow […]

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Public Land Mule Deer, Mule Deer, and more Mule Deer

Randy and Brady Miller get into deep discussions about everything related to hunting public land mule deer.  Topics covered include, overlooked units, opportunity to hunt every year, burn your points NOW, application strategies, over-the-counter mule deer hunts, easy-to-draw mule deer hunts, adapting your plan to the conditions, the risks of glory tags, overview of mule […]

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Nock On PC 92

PC 92 is with my trusty friend Ben O’Brien who is the former editor of Petersens Hunting and now with Yeti. We talk about extreme weather hunts, Bowhunting life, what it takes to make a surprise shot, the silverback, committing to something in life, elderly archers and even mariachi bands! Nock On

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Nock On PC 91

PC 91 is with Hoyt Pro Staff Coordinator Evan Williams. We talk tuning, judging distance, stabilizing you bow, target panic practice, properly getting reps, what bow fits you best, dud shooting a coy/wolf target in the head and a bunch of other nonsense!! Nock On

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Nock On PC 90

PC90 is a podcast is with two of my great friends, EJ Pfister and Eric Gudgel. Get ready to Up your target game because we are dedicated to perfecting your PROCESS, getting your head into the game, learning how to LEARN. Then we start debating -baiting, growing deer and being efficient as a hunter and […]

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Nock On PC 89

PC 89 is with a ONNIT ACADEMY Senior Coach SAM POGUE (spogue86 on instagram) and we talk fitness, archery specific movements, self motivation, supplementation, hunting, mind set, fitness scheduling, loosing weight, new GOAT moves and a whole bunch more! (warning i get excited at the start of the podcast and talk REALLY loud to start) […]

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Nock On PC 88

December 7, 2016 PC 88 is all about the new digital frontier of Nock On and where we are heading down the education highway! Im with my buddy Justin and we talk about making your interaction with me a better experience than whats available out there. We also talk about arrows and other archery stuff! […]

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Nock On PC 87

PC 87 is coming at you from the Boone and Crockett annual meeting and I had a wildlife guru Professor Bronson Strickland and we talk serious about deer, hogs, hunting, movement patterns, moon phase, scent products and I got freaking homework! Nock On

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