Monthly Archives: November 2016

Nock On PC 85

PC 85 is with my buddy Ryan Branco- archery nut, rescue diver, military trainer and helicopter gunner who has served 18 years in the Navy. We “dive” into a deep rabbit hole of shooters, archery shops, loyalty, earning a position as a pro staffer, bow presses and lots of cool stuff like that! Thanks to […]

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Nock On PC 84

November 16, 2016 PC 84 is with my longtime close friend and Nock On Pro Staffer Eric Gudgel. We talk about mental shot process, self imagine, mental imprinting, hunting strategy, target panic, practice vs training. This is a podcast anyone can learn from! Nock On

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Nock On PC 83

PC 83 jumps into a lot of subjects regarding cam timing, string problems, building bow strength, single pin vs multi pins, bare shaft vs paper vs walk back tuning, the new Hoyt Prevail, Cam types and feel, where to hunt, release aids, anchor positions and giving thanks to all of you supporting the brand! Nock […]

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Nock On PC 81

November 3, 2016 John Dudley and the powerful Joe Rogan talk archery, weird stuff, whitetails, European mounts, trigger punchers, the nock on Silverback, wine consumption, why, NOT to get out of your deer stand at 1:25 in the afternoon and the pure awesomeness of the Felt Outfitter bikes! Nock On

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