Monthly Archives: October 2016

Elk Hunting Podcast from the Field

Following a successful elk hunt, Randy opens the mics with guest hunter, Tim Lesser from Leupold and badass cameraman Tyler Johnerson.  After packing the last of a bull out of a miserable canyon, the guys talk about what when right, what went wrong, hunting in hot weather, full moon affecting elk patterns, strong winds change […]

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Nock On PC 80

October 19, 2016 PC 80 is a sweet little podcast shooting into topics like, training routines, broad heads, nock installation and arrow safety, scent control, how to stay mentally alert, arrow tuning, how to check arrow clearance, how to create more work for my buddy Kris Wall, why i should turn my phone off before […]

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Nock On PC 79

PC 79 – Is an mental journey with a close friend and one of the best golf instructors in the PGA, EJ Pfister. We dive into the importance of the mind and performance! This is one of my favorite podcast! EJ, is a 10 year golf pro, NCAA national champion and a Golf magazine top […]

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Nock On PC 78

October 14, 2016 PC 78 is a freak of a podcast starting at 230am rolling deep into your archery questions about  cam timing, bow designs, nock travel, old school stuff, FOC, d loops, release angle, cocking springs, neck surgery, some guy that wants to shoot someone, launcher blades, whitetail strategy, carbon 31 vs 34, getting […]

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Wild Sheep and How Conservation Evolved in America

Gray Thornton, President and CEO of the Wild Sheep Foundation joins Randy and prior guest host, Shane Mahoney, to talk about the many parallels wild sheep conservation has to the bigger picture of conservation in America. Topics covered include – Wild Sheep conservation, Citizen-conservationists, leading by example, how hunters planted conservation in the American ethos, […]

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Nock On PC 77

October 11, 2016 PC 77 shoots into several topics including indoor arrow set up, fletch choices for indoors, release aid options, fletching jig choices, string-nock fit, different kinds of bowstrings, tensions activated releases and speed vs arrow weight.  Nock On

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