Monthly Archives: September 2016

Ramblings from New Mexico Elk Camp

Randy takes a day from elk hunting to rest up and deal with a liver flare up.  Topics include; moon phases for elk hunts, how to blame hunting problems on Obamacare, the UnderArmor bear hunting fiasco, being a hunting or brand ambassador has expectations, why the elk aren’t rutting as expected, Randy’s bucket list, YouTube […]

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Nock On PC 76

Podcast 76 gets into some cool subjects about release aids, hand position, adjustment, thumb pressures and activation. We also dive into arrow rest and proper tuning and avoiding common bad tears through paper tuning. I give you a lot of trouble shooting techniques for different tears. We then get into fletching and the affects it […]

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Nock On PC 75

PC 75 is a follow up to the Facebook Live Stream on Sept 25th. We talk about how to get getting back into indoor shooting after being outdoors, speed nocks, pin placement routine, moon phase, broadheads for big game, moose hunting tips, moon phase importance, camera gear for filming, stabilizer set up for hunting bows […]

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Randy and Tony Bynum talk about “your story.”

Randy’s guest, renowned wildlife photographer Tony Bynum, talk about many issues including public land threats, the importance of every hunter telling “their story,” Randy’s “public land story,” how hunting’s image is being crafted by accident, how outdoor media is funded, what each person can do to be a hunting ambassador, how hunters end up living where […]

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