Monthly Archives: August 2016

Nock On PC 73

PC 73 is a follow up to the LIVE coaching session via NockOnTV Facebook video on August 16, 2016. I answer more questions from your comments during the broadcast. You can view the video on the NOCKONARCHERY Youtube channel channel. Search “John Dudley Live Recording Coaching Archery Aug 16, 2016” Nock On

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Nock On PC 70

PC 70 is a continuation from 69 cover the Carter Evolution, bow maintenance, field archery, sure loc sights, hinge release, thumb triggers, fletchings, fletch angles, quick fletch, QAD arrow rest, nocturnal lighted nocks, shot process, helical, hyper galactic gyros and grave diggers! Nock On

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Nock On PC 69

August 5, 2016 PC 69 is an early morning podcast diving into some serious topics from all of you listeners. We go deep down the rabbit hole on limbs, aiming, nock travel, loop reaction, multi pin sights arrow rest, surprise shots, thumb releases, arrows with heavy inserts and fixed blade broad heads. Nock On

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