Monthly Archives: March 2016

Nock On PC 56

PC 56 is coming to you live from under a palm tree on my vacation. While I’m sipping on a coconut drink- we dive into a plethora of topics from you faithful archers and friends. First we talk about a great rally the archery community did for a needing young archer then starting talking about […]

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Nock On PC 55

March 8, 2016 In this podcast we cover a ton of really cool stuff and get fairly deep into several topics including tournament performance. We also talk about canting the bow, single pin VS multiple pins, string materials, limb pockets, cam efficiency, arrow weight preference, release set up, peep height and also about back tension! […]

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Nock On PC 54

In PC 54 talks through more of your questions from Social Media including Blade Rest, Fall Aways, Micro diameter arrows, X10, Pro Tours, Different bow brands, cam designs, Hoyts backorders, Sight Pictures, Aiming, Strings and Cables, Frankensteining a bow and some other stuff i wanted to bend your ears about! Nock On

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